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Client Testimonies:

“After more than 20 years in optometric practice, I've attended many leadership seminars/lectures. By far, Ben Finch's presentation was totally geared to what I need as a small businessperson. I learned how to inspire my staff, and get the entire office on board for treating my patients with the utmost in quality care and customer service. I returned to the office feeling excited and better able to deal with all my contacts throughout the day.”
Dr. Polly Hendricks, O.D.
“I recently finished reading 'A Remarkable Practice'. I was thoroughly impressed with how simple the author made challenging principles accessible and easy to digest. As a musician, the analogies make perfect sense to me. However, the text is so approachable that anyone who has ever listened to a song will easily follow the logic and quickly understand the author's point. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has an interest in developing himself or herself so that they in turn can add value to those they are in relationship with.”
Nathan Smith, Recording Artist & Pastor
North Carolina
“With a solid foundation in his faith and a passion for leadership, Ben communicates in such a way that he both inspires and challenges the reader to personal & professional growth...thus leading to a remarkable practice. Be seeks to emulate exactly what he writes in his life, which makes this book even the more powerful. A must read for leaders!”
Scott Packett, Pastor & Lead Director of CONTACT

About the Book & Workshop

remarkable: (adj) worthy of attention, striking

Former GM CEO Jack Welch stated, “We build great people, who then build great products and services.”

A Remarkable Practice assumes that any organization’s greatest asset is her people. By developing people to do remarkable things both personally & professionally, there is no limitation on what the organization may achieve.

A Remarkable Practice uses a music analogy to help communicate business & leadership principles. The first five chapters deal with the characteristics of remarkable organizations, they include: teamwork (musicians), purpose (melody), communication (harmony), systems (rhythm), and customer service (audience). Chapter six is slightly different as it introduces an Action Plan to help stimulate personal leadership ability. It then examines six key relationships for leadership development & suggestions on how to improve these relationships.

A Remarkable Practice is intended for those who want to better understand the aspects that make up a healthy organization. It is also targeted at those of us who have a sincere desire to become better leaders. It will benefit those in leadership in any organization, small business, home, church, & etc.

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The Author:

The Author - Ben Finch

Ben Finch is an optometric management consultant for LA Consutltants, Inc. As well, he is founder and partner of The Visible Group, a marketing & design firm specializing in web & graphic design as well as commercial photography. He is also owner and lead of Ben Finch Photography. He & his beautiful wife, Joy, have one child, John Brennan Finch.


A Remarkable Practice is available at the following online stores: Amazon.com, Target, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Family Christian, Christianbook.com.

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